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Birth though miraculous can at times be slightly traumatic to the child. Many parents may report “ a difficult birth” which could mean the labor was lengthy in time, the position of the child was not ideal, they needed to be manually turned or extracted amongst a host of other scenarios.

In utero constraint, birth trauma, and a child’s everyday activities or specific types of sports or recreational injuries can all potentially lead to misalignment of the spinal joints. The specific signs associated with spinal subluxation can include pain, limitation of motion, and localized tenderness. Parents may also note inability to turn the head properly, difficulty latching when breast feeding or the baby may seems slightly distressed when attempting to roll over crawl or ambulate in any way. These physical manifestations can vary somewhat in the newborn compared to an adult or adolescent. The positional displacement of the spinal segment can be assessed through observation, palpation, and in radiographs once a child has reached an age where they are clinically acceptable which would note altered patterns of movement, fixation dysfunction, and hypermobility or instability and in some cases gross changes in spinal position can often be detected posturally (eg, structural scoliosis).

In some newborn patients the normal elasticity of the neonatal spine exceeds that of the stretch of the spinal cord, leading to severe injury. This can occur in the absence of significant radiographic alterations and is referred to as spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality (SCIWORA).

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"Dr. Kaplan is super knowledgeable, thorough and precise when adjusting me. He has so much advice to give to help me with my chronic pain. I love the fact that Dr. Kaplan really goes to the root of the issue and not just treats the symptoms. In my case it's focusing on restoring my spinal curve. Great goal setting! I have seen great improvements already."

Mirjam Mayo

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"I have been to couple other chiropractic care offices over the years and would strongly recommend Kaplan. Other offices were good, but Kaplan is great. Easy scheduling, quick appointments with little wait time. 30 minutes is my average visit. You can walk in and go directly into your therapy routine. Usually finish while they are calling my name for adjustment. Very skilled and knowledgeable staff. They follow up with you to make sure everything is meeting your goals. Dr. Kaplan finds a way to track all his patients, you can tell he cares, and has even checked in on me after visits, later that day, to make sure I was feeling better. Highly recommend."

Timothy Halevan

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"Awesome Doc, GREAT place to be. Dr Kaplan is amazing, knowledgeable and you can tell he really cares. He goes through everything with you before you even start care! Rare is the doctor that can explain and make sense of why you need the care you need. I cannot recommend this place enough. I have a good understanding of what's wrong with me and why I need the care I need. Thanks, Doc!"

Brett Moss