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Whats on my shelf right now…..

My favorite thing about life currently is that at any point, we can choose to improve. Oddly enough, I never truly enjoyed schooling growing up as it felt like more of a chore than an experience. I think back to myself, how much better I  could of done? How many languages I could of mastered when all we were expected to do was learn in college. Now, learning is what drives me, my bookshelf grows everyday and my list of podcasts has become absurd at this point 🙂

We can upgrade ourselves everyday, with limited effort,we can map out who we want to be and if consistent, we can become that person. So with that being said, here is my current list of what I’m digging on… give them a look.. see what you can learn,

Books on my shelf

The school of greatness …. Lewis Howes

Stumbling on Happiness… Daniel Gilbert

Relentless….. Tim Grover

Master the money Game… Tony Robbins

Made in America… Sam Walton

Happy Friday.. become a better you.

Yours in health,

Dr. Jordan Hart Kaplan