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I’ve recently been reading a new book called E squared by Pam Grout. And while the information is not so dissimilar to other books on energetics I have read, she does do a great job of simplifying a lot of it so we can relax, become present and observe what is going on around us. In the first chapter, she focus’ on a principle which she titles “The Dude Abides”. The dude shes refers to is a cult character from the movie the big Lebowski. He has a rather famous line from the movie when told to take it easy, his response is “yeah well, The Dude Abides. If you google this quote, you would be surprised to see how much the meaning of this gets debated. The most common thought is that he simply endures, he doesn’t get so caught up with what happens to him and he kind of just goes with it. I think there is a large lesson to be learned from this. Certainly this a bit much to ask for many of us, but what if you could simplify it a bit more? What if by abiding, he simply means to be more present, to be more aware, to accept the abundance out there in the universe available to us.

So much of what we experience in our everyday lives is just that, it’s what we experience but it may not be necessarily what is actually going on. There is so much information available to us as we simply take walk down the road. Our brain makes choices on what see, feel, and experience and filters out other information according to past experience. Our brains do this so we don’t become overloaded with non important information, examples being the feeling of a chair beneath us, ambient background noise, the feeling of your watch on your wrist. If you stop and pay attention, you can feel each of these things quite easily, but in our everyday lives, we do not. So if we can so easily filter these small things out, what if we are filtering out other amazing things, other wonderful serendipities, interactions and  signs around us to pay attention to. The truth is we are in fact doing this each and every day and most likely filtering according to what we were told by a teacher, parent, principle, etc. We have this sort of lack or fearful consciousness which develops at a young age and seems to form who we are today. What if just for one day, you chose to simply stop and be more aware of what is going on around you without judgement and just take it in, I bet you would be startled by the amazing experiences you would have.

Today, just slow down, take a deep breath and become more present than ever before. Pick something you want to see, experience or feel and I bet it happens. Dont let that next opportunity, person, or experience pass you by because you were busy texting 🙂 Have a great day,

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