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With every new year, brings opportunity. Opportunity to grow, to change, to expand, to be enlightened or to just become a better you. We all charge into the new year optimistic and full of joy. We all have our resolutions neatly organized and ready to go. So what is it that happens to the majority of us that we allow these resolutions to drift by the wayside and return to life as usual? It isn’t intent, I truly believe that everyone wants to act on and follow through with our resolutions. So if we are true and real with our intent, than it is possible that for the majority of us, we just dont know how to go about accomplishing these tasks? I believe this to be true. So having said that, these are my 4 tips for the new year to allow you to stick to and enjoy your journey to becoming a better version of you.

Tip #1 Write it down!

Something very cool happens when you write down your intent. Something almost magical happens. There is a rather popular theory called Hebbian theory which somewhat may describe this. Essentially its based off of a concept that “neurons that fire together, wire together”. This pretty much is consistent with the idea of nueroplasticity in that the brain can change its wiring. The more repetition we add to learning a new concept and the more stimulus we add to the learning process, the more efficient we become. So by stating our intent and than writing down our intent, we multiply the efficiency and effectiveness of our intent. Give it a shot please 🙂

Tip #2 Hold yourself accountable by sharing your ideas which someone close

Accountability is one of the most valuable tools we use to achieve goals. I like to pick a ” goals buddy” to bounce ideas off of. You can use each other to feed off of and ensure that you both hold strong and move forward. Its much easier to give up or limit your efforts if you dont have someone who cares about you holding you accountable. This is not something necessary in all cases as some of the resolutions should be private but when appropriate, there is no better way to fortify and optimize outcomes.

Tip #3 Attach an emotion to it

We are all creators to some extent. We can manifest any life that we choose simply by acting on it. To do this, you need to ensure that you attach an emotion to what it is that you are trying to achieve or attain. What I mean is, just dont make a goal to lose 10 lbs for example. Make a goal to lose 10 pounds and than attach an emotion to it, such as “I am going to feel so happy and excited once I lose 10 lbs”. Really take the time to sit in that emotion and feel what you really want to feel. My personal experience is that if I dont attach and focus on the emotion of my goals, I am far less likely to achieve or attain them. So take the time to focus on what you want to feel when you achieve your goals, its worth it, trust me.

Tip #4 Focus on the wins

In an given day, we are performing countless tasks. Most of which, we are absolutely smashing. Yet, the majority of the time, we choose to focus on the tasks that we didn’t finish or the goals we have yet to achieve. Why focus on the losses, we we can focus on the wins. Everyday, we experience limitless wins, enjoy them and choose to live your life from that emotion. Focus on the great day at work and not the one phone call or meeting that didn’t go your way. Focus on all of the wonderful people that you have surrounded yourself with and not on the one bad apple that ruined your mood. Every goal or dream is on its way, focus on what you have already achieved and not on what you haven’t achieved yet. This should set you up for so much more gratitude that you were aware that you had. Focus on the wins, and you will become aware of how much you are actually winning.

So set a goal, write it down, find someone to hold you accountable, attach an emotion to it, and focus on the wins…. Enjoy the start of an amazing life 🙂

Yours in health,

Dr. Jordan Hart Kaplan

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