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On this St. Patrick’s day, we found it fitting to talk about the subject of luck for today’s post. So what is luck? Luck is simply defined as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”.  Does anyone here think that we have no control of our”luck”? What if luck is rather a state of presence or awareness so that all of the opportunities and serendipities in our lives become that much more apparent and available.

If you or I were to walk down any main street in any town across the country at the same time, most likely we would have completely different experiences. This occurs  because you and I chose what we wanted to see or experience. Your brain couldn’t handle the limitless influx of information so we filter out what we deem useful or not or what we really choose to see and yes its a choice. Is the person who notices the hundred dollar bill on the ground more lucky than the person who walked past it because he was texting or is he simply more present?

Essentially, you can make your own luck, not by carrying a lucky charm or doing a luck dance but rather by allowing yourself to be open and present to it. Every minute of every day offers limitless opportunity. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by because you had your head in your phone, gameboy or fancy new apple watch. Put yourself around those who you deem lucky, put yourself in the places where you feel you deserve to be, surround yourself with all of the things that makes you feel good and abundant.

Do not get me wrong. I am not poo pooing the energy of luck. I personally do as much as I can to optimize luck energy in my life. I have had both my office and home professionally audited by Feng Shui masters, I am forever in search of ways to optimize both my personal and business energies and attractiveness. Luck is about how you feel and what resonates with you. Objects, charms, affirmations, encantations, spells, anything lucky for that matter can be wonderful tools if they allow you to feel a certain type of way or attach a certain emotion to your goals. But dont forget, it always starts with you, be open to luck and believe it or not, it will show up for you, it always does.