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Over the years, I have become keenly aware that life as I see it is simply an opportunity to grow. Every turn in the road, bad break, disappointment, heartbreak has an always and will always be an opportunity to learn and grow. We need to keep ourselves moving forward, motivated, driven, and eager for life and its challenges. One of my favorite quotes on this subjective is by Zig Ziglar where he states ” People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well Neither does bathing, that’s why I recommend it daily.”

Motivation can come from the inside out but truly it is who we surround ourselves with and who we aspire to be that really is what drives us. For me, I find it mandatory to regularly read a new motivational book, listen to a new audiobook, read a new blog or try to make a new inspiring contact. I was recently reading a blog regarding “how to be a better man”. I like to think of myself as a pretty good man but hey we all need a little help every now and than. I was so inspired by the post that I figured I would share the content of it with you today.

This particular post was put out by author Brett McKay who writes for in the case, a site called the art of manliness. The post was all about defining your core values. Essentially, there seems to be some form of disconnect where young adults fail to do this these days and are left kind of lost as we travel through life. Without defining your core values, you end up making choices based on social pressures and outside forces rather than relying on your true beliefs and gut. He states that living life based on and with your core values, brings purpose, direction, happiness, and wholeness.

In Mr. McKay’s article, he really gives 3 essential end results of defining who you are and what you represent. Firstly, defining your values prevents you from making poor choices. Secondly, defining your values gives you confidence. Being steadfast and sure in your decision will always give you more confidence. Lastly, defining your core values simply makes life simpler. Ask yourself, does this align with my core values? If so, move forward with confidence, if not, you already know the right choice to make.

I know that personally, I’m now going to sit down and think on my core values. I would suggest y’all do the same. Take some time, get clear on who you are and what you want from this life. This should be easy, fun, and productive. Let us know how your life changes, I know mine will.

Yours in health,

Dr. Jordan Hart Kaplan

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