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How a morning routine can change your life…….

I am currently 36 years old, by every definition of the word and adult at this point. Prior to about 4 months ago, I had a monstrous fault, a mind blowing weakness that limited my life in  just about every way imaginable. Prior to 4 months ago, I was part of an infamous club, the “snooze club”. I had literally snoozed my way through alarm after alarm for hours on end for the past 36 years and every attempt to stop it had been futile until the day that I discovered the correct morning routine for me. Since than, life has literally been night and day and I couldn’t be happier. Its not perfect, its still a battle, but now, a battle I am winning.

I give credit for my breakthrough to 2 individuals mainly and countless others for whom without, I may still be part of my old not so great club.

Firstly, author and speaker Hal Elrod and his book “Miracle Morning”

Secondly, author and speaker Lewis Howes and is book, The school of Greatness”

Please take the time to read these and take from it what you will… I would also like to make note of a few others whose teachings via podcast, book, email etc have helped me in this journey. Included but not limited to are Tim Ferris, Wim Hoff, Tom Bilyeu, Derek Sivers, Russel Simmons, Dan Gilbert etc…

So without further ado, here is an example of my morning routine……

  • PM the night before, listen to a podcast or read before bed, usually something business oriented, enough to get my juices flowing so I can wake up excited to take on the day rather than wake up hesitant.
  • 6 Am DO Not Snooze.. up and into the kitchen, full glass of cold water, mct oil and BCAAs to wake up my brain, than make my bed. The power in getting just that small win complete right off the bat is wonderful.
  • 615 walk the dog and listen to an AM podcast, find one that inspires you. Most people who have made it in life regardless of their profession you will find are strikingly similar in their approach and mentality, sometimes a podcast just confirms that you are on the right track. Listening to high performers is almost as good as surrounding yourself with them.
  • 645 10 minute ice cold shower with some heat contrast but mostly cold. Seems impossible, its not easy but eventually, its a blast. My wife can attest to countless occasions of me screaming and listening to Rocky themes to work up the courage but you win in time. Expect to feel invigorated, happy, charged and tougher than ever before. Use cold showers as part of Stoicism training if you like.
  • 655 Breath if only for 10 mins.. I am currently practicing Wim Hoff breathing techniques though surely, any type of breathing as long as you are making an effort is a great start
  • 705+ All of the coffees 🙂 I love coffee just about as much as anyone I know. I have been drinking some version of a buttered coffee for at least 7 years now, buttered coffees are a take off on Yak butter teas which you will find in The Himalayas. Buttered coffees typically used in correlation with a more Keto, slow carb, low carb lifestyle, essentially rely on healthy fats combined with caffeine of teas or coffee for a morning fast of sorts using the fats for fuel or to attempt to become a fat adapted individual. (This will be an entirely separate pot topic ) I currently alternate my fat sources, but on my shelf at all times, would be Bulletproof products from Dave Asprey, Superfood Creamers/foods from Laird Hamilton, and about 20 sticks of Kerry gold grass fed butter. You can research how to make these, trust me, you wont find a better morning kick anywhere.
  • 730 Get present, set your intention for the day, leave what you need to leave at home and show up your best self. An office is the sum of the total parts, let your energy be clear and positive to lead the way.
  • This is a partial list but might give you some ideas on how a routine can change your life, as always,

Yours in health,

Dr. Jordan Hart Kaplan DC