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Happiness thought of the day

Everyone knows someone whom they would describe as happy and conversely, surely we know those whom we would classify as unhappy. So what is it that makes one happy or not? Does it come from within? Some sort of genetic predisposition to being happy? Is our happiness contrived from outside sources such as who we surround ourselves with or what happens to us?

More and more, we are finding 2 wonderful and powerful thing to be true about happiness.

1) Happiness is a choice

2) Happiness is a skill

So this means that at any point at time, regardless of circumstances, we can be happy and that is nothing short of amazing.

Naval Ravikant recently spoke of this on a Tim Ferris podcast that I recently listened to. He quotes a pretty remarkable man and modern time philosopher Alain De Botton. Alain pretty much summarizes that happiness is nothing more than a skill and as a skill, we have an ability to improve with practice as in any other skill. With time, you can literally learn to be happy!

Step 1 in learning to be happy. Practice Awe! Adults have lost awe, we no longer seem to enjoy awe inspiring occurrences. How is it that we have become so matter of fact that things that once inspired such awe now seem to be overlooked or meaningless?

Go now, go outside, be present and look for things that shouldn’t be taken for granted. What seemingly “normal” things do you witness that would of at some time inspired awe in you?Enjoy those things, sit and take those thing in, if for only a day, remember what it was like to have such child like awe and see just how happy you can truly be.

Yours in health,

Dr. Jordan Hart Kaplan