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Chiropractic isn’t just for you

  What makes Chiropractic so special and unique to me, is that we get to treat such a vast array of patients in our offices. Since its inception, Chiropractic has never been about pain, accidents, injuries or any of these other conditions that you may associate with the profession. Rather, Chiropractic has been and always will be about working to unleash the bodies innate ability to heal itself. This is why on any given day, in most Chiropractors offices, you can see many different types of patients receiving care. Chiropractors don’t treat conditions, Chiropractors treat patients. The body than once void of inflammation and interference can do its job.

We are lucky to be wonderfully busy and blessed to have so many fun, energetic, exuberant and congruent patients. I believe this to be true of all of my close colleagues in the profession. If I could tell all of these patients just one thing, it would be this. “Chiropractic isn’t just for you.” Why are you leaving your kids at home to come to our office to be treated for the conditions that they may develop down the road? If Chiropractic treats the body as a whole and allows the body to heal. Doesn’t it make sense to have your kids checked to ensure that they never develop the chronic conditions that most adults present to our offices with?

Well of course the answer is yes. And lucky for us, many of our patients do bring their children with them on their visits. The great news is that kids are in a word, awesome. They are resilient, they heal quickly, they love to get adjusted, they become our part of our family and us theirs. Isn’t it easier to keep your child well, than to try to treat them once they develop symptoms. Your children deserve nothing but the best. No child should suffer from pain, colic, headaches, ear infections, enuresis, sleep disorders, just to name a few case types that we see. Please find a Chiropractic close to you, make an appointment, and see if they can help keep your child well. Learn more about pediatric care here.

Wellness is attainable and you deserve it,

Dr. Jordan H Kaplan
Chiropractic Physician

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